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The potential of ecomumy is to help parents (mumys), who take part in daily school runs, to make their life easier and effective. This app enables them to network with fellow mumys and to be part of a group of around 2-4 people to minimise the numbers of school rounds they do weekly, thereby freeing themselves for few full days in a week and reducing the traffic flow.


This is the key part of the application. A mumy can either join with an existing WeeklyRound or create a new WeeklyRound and wait for others to approach and join them.

Where mumys communicate within the app. There are two types of messages: To Reply (>) and To Join (+). By clicking (+), you are accepting a fellow mumy to your WeeklyRound.

The mumys of a same school or even adjacent schools have the potential to network themselves and work together sharing the school rounds with other mumys of the same or adjacent schools. The key part of the application is the schedule for small groups being created, which is known as the WeeklyRound. A mumy can either join with an already existing WeeklyRound or create a new WeeklyRound and wait for others to approach him/her and join their WeeklyRound. In each WeeklyRound an average of three mumys can join and work together sharing the school rounds.

Where mumys are able to find each other from the same/adjacent school. The distance indicates how far the other mumys live from you, not from the school.