Beginning of an unprecedented journey...

As featured on Andrew' school website

Inspired by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and the school's own Nick D’Aloisio, sixth former Andrew Christopher has launched his own app, ecomumy.


Responding to environmental concerns caused by so much congestion at school-run times, and by an awareness of how many commuters take similar journeys, Andrew Christopher’s new app helps to arrange lift sharing.


Andrew explains “when travelling to school, I would always notice of how 4x4s that generally have a seating capacity of 4-5 passengers, typically hold no more than 2, which seemed to be a waste. I wondered if there was any way we would finally be able to resolve these issues simply through the palm of one’s hand; ecomumy was born.”


Andrew has been developing his own computer design skills since the age of 10 and developed the storyboard for ecomumy in May 2012. Overcoming a knowledge gap in programming and business knowledge, Andrew employed overseas developers to complete the programming. Communicating the finer detail of his ideas via Skype was no easy feat. Andrew comments “I’ve learnt the full life cycle of the development, including managing a project which certainly did consist of a steep learning curve. Furthermore, I’ve learnt to balance my lifestyle between school work and ecomumy over a span of two years”.


Asked why a phone app is needed when lift sharing has always taken place, Andrew explains “It’s impossible to communicate at a wider level without a software support. This is where ecomumy becomes a handy tool.The potential of ecomumy is to help mothers (mumys), who take part in daily school rounds, making their life easier and effective. The app enables them to network with fellow mumys to minimise the numbers of school rounds they do weekly, thereby freeing themselves and reducing the traffic flow. The mumys of a same school or even adjacent schools have the potential to network themselves and work together sharing the school rounds”.


26 MARCH 2014

Andrew showcases his new mobile application to his school.