There are 11 million school runs daily in the UK affecting the people, the environment and the economy on a large scale.

The intention of ecomumy is to address the issue on a large scale to make a significant impact to the social problems that are highlighted below:



Carbon offsetting this volume will cost over £5.5 million per year at a rate of approximate £6 per tonne.



Reducing 20% of cars used in the school run will save over 500,000 tonnes of emissions.

77.1 billion miles per year covered during the rush hour.


Reducing the school run cars on the road by 20% will save over 526,000 tonnes of CO2 emission per annum by improving the delays on other commuters, plus 316,000 tonnes CO2 emission caused by school run cars. 




More than a quarter had been in an accident while driving their children. 


Stressed parents are putting their children and other road users at risk as they race through the streets on the school runs. 


Researchers found their heart rates typically soar by 51%, affecting decision‐making and provoking aggressive driving. 

 'As mothers hurry between more and more activities, soaring stress levels, deadlines and the distractions caused by tired or excited children are prompting them to take greater risks on the road,' say the authors of a study entitled Mums on the Run.

The fact that fewer children walk to school these days exacerbates the situation. A survey of 1,100 women for the study found that a desperate rush to be on time meant that more than one in three had forgotten to ensure seat belts were done up. 


Almost half - 47% - admitted to driving aggressively and 40% to cutting up other drivers. 


ecomumy seeks to use mobile and smartphone technology to reduce these social issues through a simple app to encourage sharing of transport.

The vehicles making the school runs cost £468 million a year to the UK economy.


The vehicles involve in school run cause significant delays to other commuters and the public transport. 


Reducing the school run cars on the road by 20% will save UK economy over £91 million per year.


The above issues are affecting large volumes of people. Over 5M people who involve in the daily school run are also the cause for creating those issues. Unless the solution would address the issues in a large scale there is no point in investing money and time on the project.


There are attempts in each school made by parents in small scale ‐ mothers of a classroom get together and help each other. Fortunately ecomumy is able to address these issues on a large scale reaching wider community within short term; the concept and the design is well suited for a mobile app. The mobile app has the potential to reach every single needy mobile user ‐ a large volume. In fact, there are 75,750,000 smart phones being used in the UK.