From a simple idea of a 15 year old to an established business, here’s our humble journey that’s brought us to where we are today.


It was compelling of how I came up with the idea. The main cause for the traffic congestion nowadays typically consists of school rounds because of the excess number of cars on the roads during that short window. Both of my parents worked, so traveling to school was always a hassle. My mum would usually drop and pick me up at school which was difficult as she needed at least two days flexibility.





The greatest strain was traffic itself which impacted both her and my schedule. Furthermore, alternative transport (including the bus or tram) through experience, did not make a significant difference to of how efficiently I got to school. When travelling to school, I would always notice of how 4x4s that generally have a seating capacity of 4-5 passengers, held on average no more than 2, which seemed to be a waste.










I wondered if there was any way we would finally be able to resolve these issues simply through the palm of your hand. ecomumy should manage to reduce at least one third of the mothers’ vehicles on the road daily as an effective car sharing programme. Conveniently, it would also help mothers as they free themselves for a few full days (to their own accord) and utilise their own time constructively. 



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